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As a homeowner, you should pay careful attention to the trees that surround your house. Dead limbs and some smaller "roughage" can pose a danger to you and your family, as well as your home, if your trees are not cared for properly. Essentially, proper pruning is essential for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing tree. Pruning is needed when first planting a tree to control its growth and to help develop its shape. Pruning can help spur growth in foliage, fruit and flowers as well as remove diseased and damaged areas. Late winter and early spring offer good tree and shrub pruning opportunities because it's far easier to see the shape of the tree and the branch patterns without the foliage.

Green Waste Recycling

We accept / Acceptamos:

  • Palm / Palma
  • Tree Trunks / Troncos
  • Green Waste Whole or Chipped / Verde Entero o Molido
  • Mixed Green Waste Whole or Chipped / Verde Mixto Entero o Molido
  • Competitive Prices!

About Us

Founded in 1980 Tony’s BC Tree Services Inc; is a professional, dependable, and honest tree service company with a growing number of clients. We have been serving the O.C & L.A area for many years. Our staff members are well trained tree trimmers and experts in all types of tree care, repair, and removal services. Whether you need basic tree trimming, get new trees planted, or need help cleaning up your property after wind damage, trust the professionals at Tony’s BC Tree Services Inc to get the job done right. For all your tree maintenance needs contact Tony’s BC Tree Services Inc. Our company is fully insured, bonded, and licensed; which means our customers don’t have to worry about lawsuits resulting from injuries on the work site.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service